20-Year-Old in Karnataka Commits Suicide, Heckled By Moral Police

She was warned not to, but she did want she wanted to. And then, suicide was what she was awarded for doing what she liked.

The woman, an undergraduate student, used to chat with the Muslim man, who went to the same college, regularly on Facebook. In one such chat, she had written, “I like Muslims”, the police said.

In a tragic incident, a young woman in Karnataka committed suicide after blaming local right-wing organisations for heckling her.

As per reports, the woman took committed suicide at her residence in Chikmagalur. Police said that the 20-year-old woman named five men in her suicide note. All of them had come to her house on an evening and harassed her in front of her parents.

The members of a right-wing group had been bothering her due to her friendship with a Muslim man, she stated in her suicide note.

An undergraduate student of commerce, the woman used to go to the same college as the Muslim man and used to chat regularly on Facebook.

Some reports suggested that the woman while chatting with the man, had written that she likes Muslims.

It may be noted that she received warnings from the members of the right-wing group on Facebook earlier, and the same has been confirmed by the cops.

It was also reported, the five men barged into her house and warned her parents that their daughter’s friendship with the Muslim man is a case of “love jihad” and insulted them.

While the members of the right-wing group demanded the girl to break ties with the Muslim boy, she decided to hang herself the same evening.
The City Police Chief confirmed that a case of unnatural death has been registered and one of the men, named in the suicide note, has been arrested.

Police also vowed that all of the people mentioned in the FIR, responsible for mentally bothering the girl, will not be spared.

Since last year, Karnataka has witnessed a spike in the instances of moral policing and violence in the name of religion has also witnessed a similar rise in the state.


Pratibha Elin Lakra

BA LLB (Hons.)

Indore Institute of Law

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