The new aadhar business

For Rs500, access to billion Aadhaar data; for Rs300 print any Aadhaar card

In a stunning disclosure, an investigative report from the Tribune has uncovered how by simply
paying Rs500 anybody can access Aadhaar database of more than one billion and for extra
Rs300 how one can print Aadhaar card of anybody.
In the report, it was found that, "It took just Rs500, paid through Paytm, and 10 minutes in which
a 'specialist' of the gathering running the racket made a 'passage' for this reporter and gave a
login ID and secret word. Lo and see, you could enter any Aadhaar number in the gateway, and
in a flash get all particulars that an individual may have submitted to the Unique Identification
Authority of India (UIDAI), including name, address, postal code (PIN), photograph, telephone
number and email."
"Likewise, The Tribune group paid another Rs300, for which the specialist gave "programming"
that could encourage the printing of the Aadhaar card in the wake of entering the Aadhaar
number of any individual," the report says.
Sanjay Jindal, Additional Director-General, UIDAI Regional Center, Chandigarh, clears this part
by stating: "With the exception of the Director-General and I, no third individual in Punjab ought
to have a login access to our official entrance. Any other individual approaching is unlawful, and
is a noteworthy national security rupture."
This is something that few innovation specialists, columnists and activists have been cautioning
for quite a while. It just takes one single rupture of the focal server of UIDAI to trade off the
information of all residents of India. In its rush to make Aadhaar obligatory, the progressive
Governments have enabled shady sellers to abuse this information for their own additions, in
spite of the cases from UIDAI that it just give answer in yes or no.
Examinations by The Tribune uncover that the racket may have begun around a half year back,
when some mysterious gatherings were made on WhatsApp. These gatherings focused more than
three lakh town level venture (VLE) administrators contracted by the Ministry of Electronics and
Information Technology (ME&IT) under the Common Service Centers Scheme (CSCS)
crosswise over India, offering them access to UIDAI information.
Dr Usha Ramanathan, a free law scientist feels through the upheld utilization of Aadhaar,
information indicates are being made outline and pitch items to individuals who does not have
the essential learning of this advanced thing. "Innovation is presently helping them to shroud
defilement. Expanded reliance on innovation is ensuring that there are no” executives or
government authorities show on field to know, comprehend down to earth issues looked by
individuals. There is no grievance redressal framework on this computerized thing," she had said

while talking on "Lawful issues that will emerge if singular personality and biometrics are traded
off" composed by Moneylife Foundation at Mumbai.
Both the Government and UIDAI have been keeping up that whole information of Aadhaar is
secure yet, on account of the examination by Tribune, their cases now appear to be flimsy. The
Government's animosity for connecting all administrations with Aadhaar is additionally now
But, the UIDAI completely denies media saying “no aadhar card data is breached”.
They further proclaimed that:
 There has not been any data breach of biometric database which remains fully safe and
secure with highest encryption at UIDAI.
 Aadhar number is not a secret number, and is to be shared with authorized agencies
whenever the aadhar holder wishes to.
 Mere availability of aadhar number is not a security threat or will not lead to financial
 Claim of bypassing or duping the aadhar enrolment system are totally unfounded.



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