Issue of Kerala’s St. Thomas Central School

On 21st July 2017, two students, a boy and a girl of class 11th and 12th respectively, were expelled from Kerala’s St Thomas Central School.

What was their crime? They were caught “hugging” each other on the school premises. According to the management of the school, it was an “indecent” “scandalous” and “undisciplined” act of public display of affection which is immoral and wrong according to the management. Was it really necessary for the school to expel them on this ground?

The boy was just giving a congratulatory hug to his friend which is pretty common in the 21st century and even if it was against the rules and regulations of the school, expelling them for this is too extreme. The teacher who caught them “hugging” was hell-bent on giving him an extreme punishment.

They also violated his privacy and hacked his Instagram account and deemed his pictures as immoral, indecent and highly objectionable pictures.

Later the Child Rights Commission and HC were involved. The decision was against the students but with the intervention of Shashi Tharoor matter was resolved and the students were taken back into the institution.

Was this really necessary to expel these students just because they were hugging?

Not an intimate way of hugging, but a friendly hug to congratulate. Giving them a harsh punishment didn’t do any good to the institution and also the students.


By – Aarushi Churi

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