Goodbye To Stress

STRESS, the most commonly heard word today. Everybody is going to normal stress level every single day. Ever get stressed at school, work, or home? Life is one stress and unorganized mess that can run you down to the bone. There are some tips and tricks to keep you away from over stressing yourself.

  1. Read a book

Now, this sounds typical to be on this list but it really helps. Even if you are not much of a bookworm, you don’t have to pick up a huge book. It could be a newspaper article, short story, short novel, or a poem. Reading takes the mind off of all stuff and allows the mind to wander and go different places.

  1. Listen to music

Music has always been a stress reliever for people. Each genre has its own way of calming people down. So pick up your phone or get to a computer and find music to listen and to just relax.

  1. Coloring

Coloring is a great way to get rid of stress. From choosing a picture to picking colours for it. They have a bunch of different ways you can colour nowadays. Through colouring apps, colouring books, or painting. Whichever is best for you do it.

  1. Walking

Everyone is different so people like to walk not just for working out but under stress. Walking is good for the mind, body, and soul and it is so relaxing. Also, you could bring a dog to walk with you, listen to music, or have something to keep you outdoors and walking.

  1. Exercising

This is always been on way to release stress due to the feeling of being in a gym. It helps me a lot when I am stressed. But for others may or may not. A gym is a good place because you can take all your stress out on a machine as well as gain muscle power. Working out gives you the feel-good sense of mind.

  1. Yoga

Ohhhh yoga, such a wonderful form of stress relief. It’s so calming and relaxing. The music is soothing and can help with anything. If the yogi (the person who is teaching the class) is calm and cool it makes the class really fun. Yoga is a good stress relief for those who want to stretch and relax.

  1. Talking

Now talking to someone is always really good. If you are not so talkative then you can always write it down. Both ways help you vent how you are feeling and why you are stressed. By conveying feelings, the mind is being cleared.

  1. Sleep

Who doesn’t like sleep? Come on it’s a person’s best friend. Sleep can help with stress because it lets the mind take a break and escape reality for a few minutes by taking a break. It settles the mind down.

  1. Petting an animal

Animals are a really good stress relief. Just their presence can make one feel good. Petting them and having them and laying near you is fantastic. They provide a sense of security and comfort. The softness, the fur along with the rhythm that one is petting them in is sure to help with stress

  1. Cleaning

Cleaning is an annoying menial task that makes everyone cringe. Selective pewit can help with stress. Just start by selecting a room and then cleaning. It doesn’t have to be like a spring cleaning just a little pick a few things up, gathering laundry, make the bed, etc. Small things help, if one does, clean a whole room then that’s good. You could find something from your childhood and then randomly start playing with it– hopefully that would help to relieve stress.


By – Pratibha Elin Lakra


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