October 2017

Controversial Rajasthan Bill

Recently Rajasthan Government has passed an amendment bill to protect serving and former judges, magistrates and public servants from being investigated for on-duty action, without its prior sanction to a select committee of the Assembly….

No Traditional Farewell given to Mukherjee

“Civilizations are not remembered by their business people, the bankers etc. they are remembered by the decisions taken by their judicial system”. One of such decision was taken as Hon’ble Chief Justice Subro Kamal Mukherjee…

Necessary to Prove Beyond Reasonable Doubt

The Madhya Pradesh High Court has upheld the order that acquitted a man of the rape charge on finding that the prosecutrix, was aware that he was married, thus, it was unconvincing that she was…

Adult Marital Rape

Outlines of the judgement. Supreme court of India on Wednesday resolved a decades old legal contradiction by giving a judgement which said that a man having a sexual intercourse with his wife who is a…


In a country like India where diversity of language and culture exists in large, it is hard to promote large scale awareness about health. Making them understand the importance of health is another difficult task….