“SECRET SUPERSTAR”- A Surprising Dud For Critics and Audience

Secret superstar– The Indian audience, the critic, the Bollywood stars and everyone was waiting for the release of this Aamir Khan production’s movie with loads of high expectations and its super hit box office collection. But all these expectations seem to be falling with every passing day.

People predicted that the new Hindi-language drama Secret Superstar could be India’s next ₹300 crore- grossing film after its Diwali release.

After the picture’s first four days in theatres worldwide, it was wildly off base. With it’s ₹31 crore/$4.7 million opening four-day weekend, Secret Superstar now looks like it will wind up with a final gross of ₹150 crore.

Prior to the film’s debut, all the elements for a global box office bonanza seemed to be in place: one of India’s biggest stars, Aamir Khan in a major role; one of the most successful producing teams in Indian history—Khan and his wife Kiran Rao—coming off their recent success with Dangal, the highest-grossing movie in the history of Indian cinema; and in the lead role of Secret Superstar, the young actress who had been integral to Dangal’s success, Zaira Wasim.

In addition to all the talent involved, Secret Superstar had a thoroughly engaging trailer that had earned more than 18 million Youtube views and hundreds of thousands of likes in the months leading up to its release last Thursday. Viewers could see that, given the strength of the trailer, and Khan’s track record of exceptional quality with his prior films, that Secret Superstar would be a theatre experience well worth the handful of rupees it would cost for a ticket.

But instead of another smash hit from the actor who in just the past few years brought us, in addition to Dangal, the 2014 movie PK and its ₹792 crore worldwide gross ($130 million, the third-highest total ever for an Indian film), 2013’s Dhoom 3 (₹585 crore/$100 million, the sixth-biggest total in history) and 3 Idiots in 2009 (₹395 crore/$82 million, 11th biggest), Secret Superstar is looking so far like just a middling success.

Let’s see what it takes in the upcoming day.


By – Pratibha Elin Lakra


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