Aiming for a healthy young India

The World Congress on Adolescent Health is being held in New Delhi, India. A three-day conference(from Oct 27 to Oct 29, 2017) is going on in India which is talking issues of self-harm, substance abuse, obesity, risk-taking behaviour of young people.


The 11th World Congress on Adolescent Health expects about 1,000 delegates to attend this conference. The meeting will discuss health challenges faced by people in the age group of 10 to 19.


Youngsters are the face and hope for the future and the meeting aims at improving the health of young people. India has a large population of youngsters and so is the requirement of awareness among the adolescence. It is the step for a healthy young India and is being looked forward with a hope of dealing with the health problems faced by them. It’s an aim towards shaping the future behaviour of youngsters. Studying and then trying to resolve the problems faced by the youngsters around the globe.


By – Isha S Panna

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