Ban on crackers – protesters burst crackers outside the SC’s premises

Why Ban on Fire Crackers only on Occasions like Diwali??

Is this paving a way for Anti-Hinduism!!!

On October 9, a bench headed by justice AK Sikri banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi/NCR region. Against this decision,  members of a fringe Hindu outfit burst crackers outside the apex court’s premises in Delhi on Tuesday (17oct.2017).

The group took refuge in the fact that the court had banned the sale of firecrackers and not bursting them. They, however, ignored the intention behind the ban to control Delhi’s worsening air pollution.

All these have come just after a small act of distributing crackers to the slum kids by Tajindar Bagga, spokesperson of BJP in Delhi.

He distributed sacks full of crackers to the children of a slum area in Hari Nagar of West Delhi.

Many of the police officers and politicians supported the act of Bagga and said that Bagga is distributing the crackers as a gift which never amounts to a crime and no action can be taken against him as there is no contempt of court.

Bagga against the verdict of the Supreme Court banning the crackers asked why restrictions on crackers have been placed around Diwali. “By banning them ahead of Diwali, you are just targeting a Hindu festival.  The ban should be implemented around the year”.

This decision also affects the market. Market get deserted and many small, as well as large-scale sellers of firecrackers, suffered huge losses and black marketing getting a new blow as shopkeepers and sellers managing to do their business by secretly supplying the crackers through home delivery and the illegal business of firecrackers is a huge profit.


By – Toshi Tiwari


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