GADGETS:- Friend or an Enemy?


The young and trendy generation of today are judged by the type of gadgets they own. The popularity of gadgets among teenagers has ensured that newer and fancy gadgets are introduced every passing day.  It’s near to impossible of imagining our lives without gadgets nowadays, especially our smartphones.

The debatable question that arise between people is that whether the use of gadgets have a positive or negative impact on the generation, most importantly the youth, the teenage students. A new study found that younger generation are sacrificing their sleep to spend more time on their phones and tablets. The research, led by Jean Twenge, Professor of Psychology at the San Diego State University, found that adolescents today are sleeping fewer hours per night than older generations and one of the obvious reason is sparing time on smartphones. Experts suggest that adolescents need atleast 7-8 hours of sleep for being productive.

Video games and Computer games can be listed as the gadget which has influenced the youth a lot. The positive impact of these games is that it actually help the young people in concentrating much better. Also, it was seen that it has a very good impact on the motor skills and spatial skills of today’s youth. But this also result in the child getting completely isolated from the society. These gadgets are quite addictive. And one should be aware about their responsibilities while using these gadgets. They should keep in mind that these gadgets are only their mate, not a part of Life.

Cell Phones are also the gadgets that are becoming a popular choice of people these days. This gadget is making things easier for the people using it.

There are various effects of these Gadgets over a person.

  1. Increase in Stress:- Work in office is getting stressful nowadays. This is just not because of continuous exposure of eyes to computer screens. One will be able to see the monitors for long, but without consciousness the eyes are strained which makes a silent increase in stress in your brain and body.


  1. Physical and Internal Organ Disorders:– We have attained a stage that nothing can be done without computers. We humans are responsible for it because we created it and we use it. Most of the diseases are because of less physical activity.
  2. Obesity is becoming an alarming issue:– it may because of bad habits of food culture, but less physical activity makes it worse. Software professionals are addicted to junk foods because it can be edible at their table itself. Since they are keen in computers they just take those junk foods, sit in without burning the calories and obviously adding up of fat resulting to obesity, indigestion, gas trouble, diabetes and even heart attack.
  3. Hearing disability:– MP3 players, iPods and mobile phones are used to hear music. But using these gadgets continuously has become a trend in youth. Hearing disabilities are increasing in youngsters. Continuous usage of headphones will make ear drum less sensitive to sound and at a point of time, one will completely lose the hearing ability.
  4. Damage of Brain Cells due to mobile phone radiation:– Mobile radiation are harmful to health but still we use it because it has become like a second heart in our daily to daily life. We use it for longer hours, it creates pain in our ears and when this condition happens daily then we may suffer from hearing disability and a damage of brain cells.

Gadgets make our work easier. If we use it in a constructive way with limited usage then it is definitely a good thing to be appreciated. However, anything that is used beyond its need and limits, it will definitely give us its adverse effects.




Diksha Tarnekar

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