India is an emerging nation today in all spheres. Globalization has contributed a lot to its development and also led to westernization. According to UN report of 2014, with 356 million 10-24 year-olds, India has the world’s largest youth population despite having a smaller population than china. With the potential to do incredible things, the stamina and energy of youth population any nation can grow to its highest level and perform in all spheres. However 30-40 per cent of young people suffer from health problems and there is immediate need for the government to look at this aspect. Various habits like tobacco use, drugs, harmful alcohol use, high risk sexual behaviors and also among other suffering like stress , depression common mental disorders, suicidal tendencies, road accidents, violence, domestic abuse. Above mentioned aspects affects the youth the most and have long lasting effect on them.

Youth is an important phase of human life; a person develops an understanding of surroundings and reacts more effectively during this time period. There are major changes such as physical, behavioral, physiological. Changes may sometimes leads to stress among young people and then influence of media, peers makes the problem even more worse sometimes, even the problem of depression is not easy to recognize .A person may suffer from depression and stress for several months and doesn’t recognizes it.

According to WHO(world Health Organization) an estimated 2.6 million young people aged 10 to 24 year die each year and a much greater number of young people suffer from illnesses behaviors which acts as an hindrance in their development and ability to grow to their full capacity.

Below mentioned are some healthy lifestyle changes that every youth in his\her tender age must follow:-

A healthy diet comprising of green leafy vegetables and protein equipped pulses and grams should be included in diet. Also, spices which are easily available in India are great source of immunity against various fatal diseases.

Regular exercise is a must for every individual; it releases the tension in-between muscles and is great antidote for stress, depression and lack of concentration.

For proper energy consuming and stamina it becomes very necessary for a teenager or a person in his youth age to manage its weight according to Body mass index.

Many of young age people in India are sleep deprived thanks to education system and robot learning; however managing accordingly is a key to success. Following a proper time table which helps you to get right amount of sleep is a Must.

It is rightly said that Parents are the only Human beings on this earth who would really wish the best for you. Maintain a healthy and honest relationship with parents gives you the ability to fight against all odds and gain more confidence in outer world, because you know they always have your back.

Overall, pay attention to your moods and personality and feelings. Accept yourself and be confident about yourself, be kind with yourself and with others. Be proud of yourself but not arrogant and weak. Don’t bully others and live a meaningful life with an amazing lifestyle.


Ritu Jagwani.

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